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Injury and Violence Prevention Branch

Child Health Assessment and Monitoring Program (CHAMP) Injury Data

The Injury and Violence Prevention Branch Surveillance Unit compiles and analyzes CHAMP data related to injury and violence. General childhood injury, spanking, access to swiming pools, helmet use, safety seat use, seat belt use, parents who reported that their child had been left without any adult supervision and injuries sustained by unsupervised children are injury topics covered by the CHAMP survey.

The CHAMP is the first survey of its kind in North Carolina to measure the health characteristics of children, ages 0 to 17. By collecting data on children, CHAMP contributes to a seamless health data system for all North Carolina citizens from birth to old age. The CHAMP survey was first developed in the fall of 2004 and has been implemented annually since January 2005. Conducted in both English and Spanish, the CHAMP surveys are revised each year to meet the child health surveillance needs of North Carolina.

Childhood Injury

Injury Hindering Ususal Acitivites

Injury Requiring Medical Attention

Absenteeism Due to Injury

Firearms in the Home

Children Left with No Adult Supervision

Spanking Children

Seatbelt Use for Children

Use of Safety Seat for Children

Parent Cell Phone Usage

Gates on Swimming Pools

Prescription Medication/Drug Storage

Non-helmet Use (Bikes, Roller-Blading, Etc.)

Parent Interest in Teens and Driving Safety

For older fact sheets, please contact a member of the Injury and Violence Prevention Branch.